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How and why we are.
Team Spirit Promotions was created to help  schools like yours to
coordinate fund raisers without the expense of purchasing the items.  
With your permission, by signing the contract page and returning to
us, we contact the local businesses in your area to advertise their
business along with your school name and mascot and we provide the
item to you the school, free of charge.
By getting the local business to help in the fund raiser, it allows the
school to keep 100% of the profits made if selling the item or gives the
school the ability to give out the items to students, teachers or
parents.  These items can be sold at all your school functions or home
team games at the concession stands to help promote both team
spirit, school spirit and community pride.
Personalize the program by getting the students involved in selling
these items in your local community, as well as to help with field trips
and school events.  This is a great way to help the school and the
students cover the cost without an upfront cost to purchase.  We hope
that you will give Team Spirit Promotions the opportunity to get your
fund raising program started today.
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