Emergency Magnets
Show your team spirit with our new Magnets.  Great for schools, sports groups, and businesses.

With our Emergency Guide Magnets, We will print 1,000 magnets that will be distributed in your city /
county Chamber of Commerce and City Hall.  It will also be placed at other high traffic areas such as,
grocery stores, banks, etc.  Featuring your business with an ad, exclusive in your industry with your
choice of the following ad sizes and set up.

5” X 8”  White Glossy Magnets with Royal Print.

Ad Sizes:

2 ½” X 2 ¾” Ad Size

(placed on the top right or left corner, next to the emergency numbers)

2” X 2” Ad Size

(placed along the bottom under the emergency numbers)
Special Business Card Magnet Offer
In conjunction with the purchase
of an ad on the emergency magnet
above, you can also receive the 3
1/2" x 2" business card magnet
below at a special price.  Please
talk with your sales rep for more